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Mar Lin Markets Butcher Shop

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These are the products that are avaliable for shipping. The prices of the products are listed. Products sent to the east coast up to 5 lb will be $6.00 for shipping. 

Berks Ring Bologna


Berks is the tastiest bologna made. It is made from the finest beef and pork. It is a Pennsylvanian coal region delicase. It comes in plain or garlic. It is sold in a 2.5 lb ring. Shipping is $6.95 up to 5 lb.



Cooper Sharp Cheese

Cooper sharp cheese is a wonderfuly mild sharp cheddar cheese and packs the right amount of tanginess to make it one of the best sharp cheeses. Shipping is $6.95 up to 5 lb.

For 5lb $19.95


Super Cheese Dogs

Mar lin cheese dogs 2.5 lb pkg. These dogs are the bomb! They are huge and stuffed with cheddar cheese.

$8.99 for 2.5lb pkg Shipping $6.95


Mar Lin Markets * 302 Beechwood Ave * Mar Lin * PA * 17951