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This page has some of our popular fill-your-freezer specials.

(Shipping is included in plan A and B.)

Plan A

4 NY Strip Steaks                  1 lb Beef Patties

6 pc Chicken                          2 lb Chipped Steak    

6 Pork Chops                         1 Beef Roast

1lb Beef Cubes                      3 lb Ground Chuck

$99.95 Get it shipped to you

We have move freezer deals available in our store, stop by for a flyer today!


Plan B

3 NY Strip Steaks                3 lb Beef Cubes

3 Sirloin Steaks                   1 Beef Roast

8 pc Chicken                        1 Roasting chicken

8 Pork Chops                       1 Pork Roast

4 lb Ground Chuck              2 lb Chipped Steak

$139.95 Get it shipped to you.



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