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Mar Lin Markets Butcher Shop

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Welcome to Mar Lin Market's!

We are a top quality producer and seller of meat and cheese products. Our service and products are beyond compare.

We are a 60 year old butcher shop. We have survived through many trends and pitfalls of the meat business. There are not many old butcher shops left and we are still going strong in our sixties. We owe all of our success to our pursuit of excellence.
My father started the family business in 1944 and it has been a family business ever since. Our family would like to welcome you to our store. You will find some of the finest meat products in the world. Our sevice is beyond compare before, during and after the sale.
Our website is set up to accommodate some of our customers that are too far away to come to our store. The same great service and excellence will be offered at our website.

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We ship most of our products across the country!

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Mar Lin Markets * 302 Beechwood Ave * Mar Lin * PA * 17951